I’m Chelsey. I am the in-house designer for The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, where I work on a wide variety of digital, print, and environmental pieces. I love illustrating, and I am always trying to find was to incorporate illustrations into my projects. I also really enjoy typesetting, branding, and designing for a good cause. When I'm not creating, you can probably find me drinking coffee, at a park in St. Louis, hiking, dreaming up an entrepreneurial pursuit, or traveling somewhere new.

I also freelance *cough, cough* in case you were wondering and wanted to pay me to design something. If you are looking for a freelance designer, my biggest strengths include reliability, communication, creativity, organization, positivity, drinking coffee after 8 PM and still falling asleep before 11 PM, small talk about weather, petting puppies,* and decorating for the holidays.

I love learning and meeting new people, so please feel free to reach out!

*You don’t have to pay me to pet puppies—I will do that pro bono.

Chelsey is a thoughtful, attentive, and innovative designer who has a knack for turning random ideas into works of art. I’ve contracted Chelsey for both personal and professional projects because of her high-quality work, exceptional skills, and promptness. Chelsey is my first referral when someone needs a designer and is my constant go-to!
— Phillip Campbell, St. Louis Community College Meramec
Working with Chelsey has been absolutely fantastic. From our initial consultation to the completed branding package, she listened to our ideas and turned them into a reality. We couldn’t be happier!
— Stephanie Vela, RESILNT